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Fashionable companion with much depth

An upholstery fabric needs many properties: it should be soft and welcoming, durable and should repeatedly entice you by how it looks. SALONE, the upholstery fabric collection from JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics, impresses with all these properties, whilst at the same time surprises with sophistication. The tabby weave fabric is given a pleasant texture and feel from its bouclé-like effect yarns, whilst the multicoloured yarns in the weft produce a beautiful colour mélange. Small loops form discreet slubs, with attractive colour concentrations. The high percentage of natural materials make SALONE a fabric that feels great to touch. The viscose provides glossy effects, whilst cotton and linen add a contrasting matt character. A really versatile companion! The semi-plain fabric is available in 45 natural shades, which take the onlooker on a walk through the woods: from natural sand, beige and brown shades, warm orange and red, through to moss green and sophisticated blue and turquoise variations.

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